About CCCS

The Consumer Credit Counseling Service - A Brief Explanation

Free and confidential budget, credit, debt and housing counseling.
Consumer Credit Counseling Service is a private, nonprofit community service that provides money management counseling to individuals and families, assisting them in arranging mutually acceptable debt repayment plans for their creditors. CCCS counselors will help you plan a monthly budget that fits your needs, and suggest methods to improve money management and spending habits. To apply online for our Consumer Credit Counseling Service, simply click on the APPLY ONLINE button below and fill out the on-line form.

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Counseling sessions are free and confidential, regardless of income level or location.

Why do people need Consumer Credit Counseling Service?
With the ever increasing availability of credit and its frequent abuse, it is sometimes difficult for individuals and families to convince themselves to hold off on yet another purchase. Plus, spending habits often need to be restricted to accommodate life-changing circumstances, such as…

  • Death
  • Pay Reduction
  • Medical Emergencies
  • Divorce
  • Unemployment
  • Car Repairs

Other contributing factors may be...

  • The lack of a household budget.
  • Nonexistent savings plan.
  • Patterns of compulsive spending.

Consumer Credit Counseling Service benefits everyone.

You and your family members benefit from CCCS counseling through a decrease in strain in your family relationships.

Creditors benefit from CCCS counseling through improved customer relationships, resulting in a reduction of outstanding debt and unpaid balances.

Employers benefit from CCCS counseling through improved performance of employees no longer overcome by financial problems.

We are the first step to a healthy future and often the last step before bankruptcy.